Thursday, 11 January 2018

Year End Evening Bonuan Beach

Three km from Dagupan City is Bonuan Blue Beach, along the Lingayen Gulf.  Back again there during last of 2017 year..

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Taj Mahal Trip

There is/are 15 direct train(s) from Jaipur to Agra. These train(s) is/are Aii Af Intercity (12196), Bkn Hwh Supfast (22308), Ju Hwh Supfast (12308), Jp Af Shatabdi (12035), Aii Sdah Expres (12988) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Agra from Jaipur is 3h 15m. The cheapest way to reach Agra from Jaipur takes you 3h 36m, which is to take Aii Af Intercity from Jaipur to Agra. The fastest way to reach Agra from Jaipur takes you 3h 36m, which is to take Aii Af Intercity from Jaipur to Agra.
Leaving Jaipur early 5AM by car , travelling 4 h 15 min (240.4 km) via Agra-Bikaner Rd . As Indian it costs 40 Rs and for foreigners its cost 1000 Rs as entry fee. This was quick decision journey to visit agra and relatives. My Aunt have hotel next to Taj called Rashmi Hotel , where one can watch Taj from roof top. Its just 300m by walk to reach it and can get tickets of Taj if requested in the hotel itself.

Toll - 205 Rs
Fast Tag Toll - 190 Rs

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Las Pinas Philippines in July

Las Pinas City has a few safe and sprightly resto bars. But thanks to the young entrepreneurs who understand the need of such resto bars in the city, we can now go to Central. It is a resto bar established in BF Resort Village a year or two ago. Its original branch is located in BF Paranaque, a village that’s famous for such kinds of places. 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bonuan Blue Beach : Philippines

Explore :
  • Bonuan Blue Beach “Hello Sunrise”
Three km from Dagupan City is Bonuan Blue Beach, along the Lingayen Gulf. The weather is good but scourging hot since it was 10:30 AM when we arrived at the Bonuan Blue Beach also known as "Tondaligan Beach" Whether you have something to splurge or on a tight budget, this is a place where you can spend your weekend. You can stay in cottages along the beach of in hotels near the beach. You can eat on some turo-turo along the beach or on restaurants nearby. I haven't been in this place for quite a while now... Though I can say that this is very good place to view the sunrise and sunset. Actually this place used to be famous. According to history this is where Gen Douglas Mcarthur made his first landing in the Philippines.The Statue of Gen D.Mcarthur can be found here but sad to say it is almost ruin. I tell you- no matter where you go in the Philippines there's always great people to treat you nice, this beach particularly is not my forte because I like white sand beach., but this water is calm and when we got there it wasn't overly crowded. Rentals and food is cheap, I think anywhere you go.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Philippine travel 2014 winter..

Beginning of 4th tour of Philippines. This time its from Haneda airport Tokyo ANA airlines. It just took 45 mins from my home to pass immigration checks as compared to Narita which could take 2 hrs Around.
This year plan is Baguio , Mt Pulag hike , casino in manila , new year fireworks , lots of drinking and eating. Lets see how much successful and how much I can cover  ...(waiting for boarding 8:00.......)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

1 Day around Mt. Nokogiri

This weekend plan was to Mt Nokogiri in Chiba prefecture , riding ferry to crossover , eat sushi , hike around and have dinner in Mexican restaurant in Yokohama. Started from Keikyu Kurihama station , riding 7 No. bus at 8:20 from station to towards " Tokyo bay ferry ".  Took Ferry ticket (1320 Yen for 2 way ), had 40min ride crossing Uraga channel between Yokosuka and Chiba. Its just the time 2 day before when super typhoon is coming to Tokyo , cold breeze blowing with little sun on head.

Itinerary :
7:09 - Keikyu Kawasaki Ride Keikyu Line
8:00 - Keikyu Kurihama Station
8:20 - Ride Tokyo Bay ferry Port ( 7 No Bus )
9:25 - Ferry leaves for Kanaya
10:15- Arrive Kanaya
11:00- Eat Sushi at Funaso 
12:30- Ride Ropeway to Top of Mt Nokogiri
15:00 - Back to Kanaya , shopping for presents in Fish Market
15:25 - Ride ferry from Kanaya port to Kurihama
16:30 - Back to Kurihama Port 
17:30 - At Mexican restaurant
20:00- End of Day and ride for home 

At Kurihama Port
Tokyowan Ferry Tokyo-Bay Crossing An approximately 40 minutes’ comfortable cruise This car ferry connects the southern tip of Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture with Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture.