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Photo Essay : Nagano Tour to Bring Harley Davidson

This is tour to bring newly bought Harley davidson by Fuka Pee from Nagano. Bike cost 1.4 Million yen for second hand one , with 3000 Km run. We 3 decide to leave for Nagano by car and then pickup the bike and back home to Yokohama. Though we are going Nagano Prefecture so decide to have look around. 

According to our plan :
1- Go Nagano by Mass pee car , 
2- See Lake Suwa
3- Take the bike from owner in Masumoto city
4 - Go and eat Strawberry " Eat all you can " near Karuizawa
5- Go and eat Nagano Soba in Karuizawa
6- Eating cone icecream in Karuizawa

I left home at 6 AM for Saganimo Station by train , meet with Fuka pee and Masu Pee at 7am there , we ride it from there going towards Chuo Expressway.
Sagamino Station (さがみ野駅 Sagamino eki?) is a train station on the Sagami Railway in the city of Ebina, Kanagawa, Japan. It is located near the border of Ebina with Zama and Ayase, and is convenient for many American servicemembers stationed at the Naval Air Facility Atsugi. It is 20.5 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Sagami Railway at Yokohama Station.

Mass pee Astro

Morning Breakfast

Towards Expressway

 It took almost 1 and half hr to reach there , traffic jam. Once we entered in express way again 10 KM jam , accident again and took more time there. It was around 200 Km to destination.
Nagoya Road

10 Km Jam

Finally jam over...

Left / Right ...take left

Nagano >>>>>>

Mt Fuji

Parking , Mt Fuji in Front

Parking , Mt Fuji in Front

Parking , Mt Fuji in Front

Big Astro

2 Km Tunnel

Still Snow on Mountains in Nagano


Sporty Bikers on Chuo Express way

Mt Fuji

Leaving Expressway and towards Suwa Lake

Reached Suwa lake at around 11:30 , little bit look around lake , seeing snow on mountains even though summer is almost near. 
Lake Suwa-ko is situated almost right in the center of Nagano. Sitting at an altitude of 759 meters, it is the largest lake in the prefecture with a circumference of 15.9 kilometers. One of Japan's largest firework festivals is held at the lake in summer, as well as the Summer Night Festival, which includes fireworks displays every night during the festival period. While fireworks add charm to the lake in summer, a special natural phenomenon called "Omiwatari" (the god's passage) does so in winter. After a period of severe cold the lake surface freezes completely. Then, during the night when the temperature drops even further, the ice suddenly cracks, making a loud noise and the cracked and frozen lake surface is thrust up in the shape of mountain.

At Lake Suwa-ko Geyser Center, you can enjoy the sight of a dynamic geyser and the "Nanatsu-gama," or the spot where seven hot springs gush. Attached to the center is a footbath called "Kohan Koen Ashi-yu," where you can immerse your feet in the Kami-Suwa-onsen Hot Spring waters and relieve the weariness of your travels while viewing Lake Suwa-ko and the mountains of the Northern Alps.

 Surface elevation: 2,490 feet (759 m)
Area: 5.1 sq miles (13.3 km²)
Shore length: 10 miles (16 km)

Lake Suwa and statue of Princess Yaegaki,Nagano

The princess is the heroine of a five-act drama named Honcho Nijushiko, the 24 models of filial piety. This historical drama was first performed in 1766 as a – Bunraku (文楽) – traditional Japanese puppet theater also called Ningyō jōruri. Later on the drama rapidly became the source of numerous Kabuki (歌舞伎) versions. Yaegaki-hime is a very famous Kabuki character and one of the 3 important princesses in Japanese folklore – Sanhime – and onnagata (女形) woman’s role.

The drama takes place during Japan’s sengoku jidai (戦国時代 – Japanese civil war era) 1467–1573. The play’s complicated plot begins in 1550 with the assassination of Ashikaga Yoshiharu shogun in Kyoto. At that time battle raged against two military commanders Takeda Shingen and Uesugi/Nagao Kenshin. Shingen was the Kai province’s lord (now Yamanashi) and Kenshin the Echigo province’s lord (now part of Niigata). They fought five major battles called the Battles of Kawanakajima. The fourth battle is for sure the most famous because of the fight between Shingen and Kenshin, Takeda Shingen using a Gunbai (団扇) Japanese war fan to defend himself.

They became bitter enemies after Kenshin “Borrowed” Shingen’s precious helmet which was blessed by Suwa god and decided to keep it. It is said that a samurai wearing this helmet would always win and that in case of danger it would also call 808 Kitsune – Gods’s messengers foxes – to protect his owner.

The two most famous scenes of the drama are one called Jushuko in which Yaegaki-hime vows her love to Takeda Katsuyori who has entered Kenshin’s palace in disguise and the other one called Kitsunebi in which the power of Suwa god helps Yaegaki-hime who is going to warn Katsuyori about the pursuers sent by Kenshin.

At the end, possessed by the mysterious power of the helmet and guarded by two white foxes, Yaegaki-hime sets out to pursue her lover across the frozen Lake Suwa and flies off to Katsuyori. Katsuyori was saved, Takeda and Kenshin made peace and Princess Yaegaki and Katsuyori got married and live happily ever after.

Little duckling near the lake ..

AUDI R8 - Dream Car

 Left to pickup bike , pickup bike at 13:00. 
Finally Hands on Harley Davidson
Towards Strawberry Party Now.
Left from the place at around 14:30 towards   Karuizawa to eat strawberry inside mountains. But wcouldn't eat strawberry as we reached there 16:00 , but timing was 10:00 to 15:00 , so missed it.

Karuizawa Town is located at the east end of Nagano Prefecture and is a hill town that lies at the southeast foot of Mt. Asama (2568m). Mt. Asama with its beautiful ridgeline is situated in the north of the town with mountains as high as 1000m, such as Mt Hanamagari, Mt Tomebu, Mt Ichinoji, Mt. Yagasaki and Mt. Happu stretching in a row from east to south. Between these mountains lies the Usui Pass which has been serving as a connecting path between the Shinshu and the Kanto areas from a long ago, and there are also the Iriyama Pass and the Wami Pass. The land in the west of the town slopes gently and it continues to Sakudaira.

The fact that the half of the town area is within the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park and Myogiarafunesaku Kogen Semi-National Park, means that the nature of Karuizawa is protected as a national asset, not to mention important to the town itself.

Waiting at 7-11

 At Strawberry Place

Strawberry field but not in our luck. 10:00 to 15:00 , and its 16:00 now...

Towards Karuizawa for Soft cream and Soba


Along the 500 meters road from the rotary heading Kyu-Usui Touge, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants standing. Especially during the summer break and Golden Week, there are many many people.

I think honey is very famous so I bought one , 300gm for 2000 Yen , and really its tasty. One should try this for sure.

We were lucky to eat Soba though but couldn't eat ice cream as it was already late around 18:00 and shops started closing. 
Here`s mine Soba " Toro Toro Soba "

Fuka Pee Soba

Mass pee Udon

Soba Shop

Ride back on bike and car , riding express way , and at home around 23:00. Had dinner near Kawasaki in Johnathon and back to home at 12:30 in morning.


In Servicing center somebody left these 3 kitten on road . These kittens need house now , just born.
Cute ones but had bad master.

Dinner time at Johnathon Kawasaki, this is mine , super hungry.

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