Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bike Tour : Going Hakone

Started from Yokohama , Motomachi Chukagai to Hakone Lake Ashinoko. Started at 10:00 , reached destination at 13:00. Hakone (箱根) is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, around 80 Km from Kawasaki. Famous for hot springs, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji but unfortunately it was rainy day , so couldn't see Mt Fuji.

2 Bikes , Harley and R1 , different type but one destination. 3 Hr long drive for just 80Km , traffic jam , speed from 10 Km to 100 Km ranging from place to place , passing beach , sea , mountains , zig zag.

A Stoppage near Sagami Bay. Watching ocean , taking rest after 1:30 hr ride in traffic jam...

 Lake Ashi is a placid lake surrounded by mountains and dense forest. The view from the lake on the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise gives a completely different perspective than from land. Walking paths along the lake, Hakone-jinja Shrine, Onshi-Hakone Park and other points of interest around the lake await visitors.
Finally in Hakone welcomed by rain though went soon ..enjoy weather , lake and ramen...

Hakone Soba is famous but didnt eat as not sure is it really that famous.

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise ships, large, gaudily decorated replicas of pirate ships, are a famous sight on Lake Ashi and a Hakone trademark. Though we didnt ride as my partner dont want to ride ...ooh no , missed the opportunity ..

Ramen , just for 650 Yen , next to lake...

 Shinto shrine

 Final rest while going back home near Yokohama. Resting , after 6 hrs of drive , heated up hot engine , fingers tired of using that much of clutch , ....need to go bed soon.

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