Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bike Tour : Shiroyama dam and Sagami Lake

Today was long day tour to Shiroyama dam and Sagami lake. According to plan will be Shiroyama dam in 2 hrs but took 3 hrs long drive from kawasaki. Navigation problem took the toll , traffic jam...

All alone today too ..long long drive..

Left home at 10:00 , reached near dam at 1:00 , tried exhausted , relaxed in cool breeze in the park near Lake Tsukui  ...

Then left for lake sagami around 2:00 , and was there in an hr. Nice cloudy day spend 1 hr around there too. Had a bike parking for just 70 yen ..




Lake Sagami-ko is an artificial lake situated in Sagamihara City, in the northwestern part of Kanagawa. The Sagami-gawa River was dammed to make this lake in a perfect location, 60 kilometers from metropolitan Tokyo and 50 kilometers from Yokohama, and just an hour by train from each of these cities. Many people therefore come to this lake to enjoy cruising, boating, and fishing.

Spring time is beautiful with bright green leaves and blue sky reflecting on the lake water, young people's voices ringing out as they enjoy boating and camping in summer, and fall provides a splendid contrast of golden foliage and the lake. Sagami-ko-koen Park on the lakeside has cherry trees lining the street, and visitors can enjoy every season of the year.

Sagami-ko Pleasure Forest on the lakeside is a nature and greenery theme park. Attractions such as the Jumpin' Star and Alps Ferris Wheel, and other facilities such as mountain bike courses, dog parks, and a campground are provided.



Fishing in LAKE SAGAMI

Pigeon near LAKE SAGAMI

Pink flowers




Violet flowers

YZF-R1 2007
Left for home at 4:00 and was back home taking Route No.16 and then 1 around 6:30.

Where could be next ???

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