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バイクツーリング : Towards Aomori but Half dead Half Alive

I had great plans to go to Hokkaido or atleast Aomori this Obon Holiday which is 8 Days but damn spoiled by rains. Had planned to start on Saturday morning 6 , and yes was waked up at right time but outside weather looked rainy. After 1 hrs spend keep thinking , finally left at 7 , packed all things in backpack. It was heavy and riding it on shoulder I was sure would be half dead , was risk and had no other option. Packed all my gadgets , cloths and ready to move on...

Todays starting point was home ( Kawasaki Station ) to Somewhere in Fukushima ( Net cafe ).

Plan - Home to Ibaraki Prefecture ( Kashima Shrine ) , then Kasumigaura Lake , then go to see waterfall in Daigo-machi and then Aizuwakamastu.

Rain took all my day , reached to Kashima shrine at 12 beating rains and just about to leave shrine heavy rain started , 1 hr straight. Again deep thought of seeing rainy season , go back Tokyo or move towards. Finally decided to move forward and direct to Aizuwakamastsu , 6hrs drive from highway ( No tolls ). Taking all my energy on 6 hr drive , welcomed by super heavy rain all the way. Started at  2pm from Shrine ,  
and reached Iwaki at around 17:30 , in heavy rain , finally gave-up.

No more power left to go further and no more to go back home on highway , so finally took Expressway.
Though didn't wanted to spend on toll but had too , though it was quite cheaper than I expected.

500 Km Total Around 
Spend 6000 Yen on Gas
4500 Yen on Toll 
1000 Yen on Food Drinks
2000 Yen on dinner and Beer in Kawasaki in saizeriya 
Started 7:00 , Back home 22:00.
Started - Kawasaki Station > Ibaraki > Iwaki > Kawasaki Station

Morning Kawasaki

All Gadgets Packed up

Packup to run R-1 on バイクツーリング

Started 12735 Kms

1st rest at 7-11

Oooh No rains , not today

Time to move on ..

Ibaraki Prefecture , Damnn green fields and cloudy sky

Green Field with clouds in Ibaraki 

Green Field with clouds in Ibaraki 

Dry road way to Shrine

Kashima Shrine is said to have been established in 660 BC, and has a long and distinguished history. The shrine is one of Japan's Three Great Shrines of the East, along with Ikisu Shrine in Kamisu City (Ibaraki Prefecture) and Katori Shrine in Katori City (Chiba Prefecture). 

After entering from the bright vermillion two-story gate that was offered by Tokugawa Yorifusa (1603-1661), the first lord of the Mito Clan, visitors see the main hall and the oratory that have been designated as important cultural properties, and are enveloped in a stately atmosphere. In addition, the treasury houses Japan's oldest and longest chokuto straight sword (a national treasure), and over 300 other cultural assets that are available for viewing. 

The shrine's Mitarashi Pond is known as a purification site, and has a "spirit spring" that is said to have never gone dry, even during times of drought. A variety of coffee shops that sell the famous Mitarashi dumplings are found near the shrine, filling the air with a pleasant aroma.

Finally rain started ...

Kashima Shrine

Kashima Shrine

Kashima Shrine

Kashima Shrine

Kashima Shrine

Blue flowers in  Kashima Shrine , Sorry forgot the name...

Blue flowers in  Kashima Shrine , Sorry forgot the name...

Kashima Shrine 

Woow i cant eat these one ...

Kashima Shrine...

Kashima Shrine

Shrine pond

Kashima Shrine

Its return time and here it falls , damn heavy rain ... 

Traditional dressed J girl in umbrella , I think one of my best shot

Its marriage Photo session , all got spoiled by rains as mine Aomori trip ...泣

Leaving at 14:00 towards Fukushima , 6 hrs straight , and welcomed by unwelcome heavy rains , all wet ...
Damn wrong timing ...wrong day ..
2nd Break while going Fukushima , again at 7-11

Green Field while going to Iwaki

Iwaki 54 Kms but this is not my destination , more to go...

Finally ocean on the way, though bad weather

Again rains..
3 hrs to my Net cafe in fukushima , 3hrs back to home , heavy rain , where to go ?
Decided to return home , this time take express way , I thought it will take around 12000 Yen , but was cheap.

Heavy rain , thunderstorm , 10kg bag on back , 100Km/hr speed , ...I was half dead , ooh no full dead but best feeling at best. Its was damn dangerous though , I was the only one on bike in that rain for sure..

Tokyo Tower from Highway

Back home finally , Final count 13264 Km

Needed alot of food and drink after this long wet all one can 

Aomori & Hokkaido , next time , next year during Golden week..

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279 Km and 7 hrs to Reach

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224Km in 4hrs

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