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Motorbike Tour : Aqualine to South Chiba

2013 , first time out of my bunker on to launchpad to drive and lost into the nature , though didn't lost and this time was with new rider , a friend met on internet who is enthusiastic more about motorbiking than car driving. We decided to meet at Starbucks 8:00 at Aqualine and then ride towards chiba from there. 
GoPro Click from the start point in Kawasaki 

Started to move on from my base at 7:00 and ride to aqualine. It just took 30 mins to reach there and luckly found her in midway driving together. It was amazing to catch her on road riding at 80`s , without seeing her before and she never saw me either.

At Aqualine Stopover

Finally at aqualine , took my breakfast , stayed for 15 mins and move on towards chiba. She don't have smartphone and she was carrying map always to travel , in this digital age its hard to believe.
Next target was Kozunoro Seki ( waterfall ).

Expressway Chiba

Riding is chiba was great , not many cars and people , I think one of the best place of bikers.

Map of tour 

Reached here in an hr , lots of nice place to go for hiking , I want to come here again may be alone next time and spend atleast 1 day here to search all around.
YZF-R1 and Triumph 675
This is mine best photo I think....

2 Big boys again , this time YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

YZF-R1 and Triumph 675
Entrance gate to the waterfall

The way towards waterfall....

Staircase towards waterfall

The waterfall finally

Blue Butterfly

Little crab

Frog with ugly color

Almost fall in water taking this photo...but yes pants go dirty and green and luckly saved my cam

Up up the way back to parking ..


I caught you boy

YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

She is leading towards her favorite temple 

The cave of riders

Next destination Seichoji Temple in Chiba..

Approx. 15 minutes by mountain bus from Awa Amatsu Stn. on JR Sotobo Line Kimitsu IC on Tateyama Expressway - Boso Skyline - Kamogawa Toll Road - Route 128 - Prefectural Road 81.

YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

YZF-R1 and Flowers

Sennen Sugi (1,000-year old Japanese cedar), a national natural treasure, and 1,200-year old Hoshi-no-Ido (well of star) are in the precincts.

There is Asahi-ga-Mori, where the sun rises earlier than in any other place in Japan. Koku Bosatsu, a bodhisattva who ensures your academic achievements and protects you against evils, has been housed.
Lodgings are provided, and the vegetarian food (reservation necessary) has a good reputation.

There are many must-see places, such as a treasure hall and cultural assets. It is also a birthplace of Kyokushin Karate.

This is the sacred place where Nichiren Shonin entered priesthood, and the main temple where he powerfully declared the establishment of a new sect based on the Lotus Sutra (Rikkyo kaishu). The temple is near the Shonin's birthplace of Kominato, quite a steep climb up Mt. Kiyosumi by car. The bracing air is filled with a sense of austerity and profundity appropriate for a sacred place of training. Even though the elevation is only 383 meters, Mt. Kiyosumi is the second highest mountain in the Boso Peninsula. As its slopes rise directly out of the shoreline, the mountain gives the majestic impression of Mt. Hiei. This is no wonder, as Mt. Kiyosumi was once revered as one of the most sacred mountains for Tendai Shu, and was the grounds for a large temple. The principal deity is Kokuzo Bosatsu, Akasa-garbha-bodhisattva, who performs miracles for good fortune and success.

Seicho-ji's Daido (Main Hall)

1000 year old tree

Lotus I guess in the Pond. There is famous blue frog lives inside here but this time not lucky to see him..
Too hot may be thats why hiding inside water

Lotus and green frog kidoo

Is this Lotus ?

While always keeping Seicho-ji Temple as a base, Nichiren Shonin went on to study at places such as Kamakura, Mt. Hiei, Mii Temple, Nara and Mt. Koya. He studied many things, including esoteric, Jodo, Zen and Ritsu Buddhism, but could not discover the true teaching. He continued to study many scriptures, and finally realized that the only true teachings lay in the Lotus Sutra. The Shonin returned to his mountain, with the intent of correcting the wrongs of the many different sects, and spreading the truth of the Lotus Sutra. After much thought, he made the firm decision to spread the teachings of the Lotus Sutra far and wide, and in the early morning of April 28, 1253, at the age of 32, he chanted "Namu Myo-ho Renge Kyo" to the rising sun. This was the Rikkyo Kaishu declaration. At that time, he also changed his name to "Nichiren." The name, based on the Lotus Sutra, represents the brightness of the sun and the moon (Nichi) and the purity of the lotus (Ren).

However, the people's reactions were cold. Lord Kagenobu Tojo, a devout believer in Amitabha Buddhism, was especially enraged, and not only had the Shonin banished from the mountain, but also planned his murder. While in hiding at Renge-ji Temple in Hanabusa, the Shonin made the decision to leave Kiyosumi, his physical and spiritual home, and go to Kamakura. He bid his parents farewell, and headed for the west coast of the peninsula. 

This below is hidden temple at the backyard , it doesn't look more as japanese temple but more look like thai buddhist temple , couldn't find entrance going inside.

 A fine view going towards to the end .. all green set

Japan’s month long rainy season (tsuyu, 梅雨) usually ends in mid-July, and that means there are  precious few days left to savor its SPECIAL BEAUTY. Many Japanese consider Ajisai (紫陽花, or hydrangea) to be the quintessential flower of this season, as they look just right when wet, and enshrouded in mist. 

The flower has a long history in these islands and  many scholars actually assert that it is indigenous to Japan and in fact introduced to China from here. After centuries of breeding, numerous varieties have been developed and new colors, pinks and whites, brought out. By taking a look at the etymology of the Japanese name AJISAI, we can see that in earlier times the flowers were mainly blue, as the sounds used to make up the name originally meant a GATHERING OF BLUES (aji-from atsu (集まる) or gather , and ai (藍), indigo blue.

Hydrangea have another Japanese name, however, nanahenge (七変化), or seven transformations, which derives from the flower’s unique characteristic. The colors of the petals change according to the chemical make-up of the soil! This feature has given the flower rich symbolic meaning in Japanese art and poetry — especially to represent a fickle and changing heart. It is because of this characteristic too, that hydrangea were shunned by the warrior class in the feudal period, because for them, changing colors, or by extension loyalties, was anathema .

For Westerners, however, hydrangea can be seen as a symbol of silent devotion, as its scientific name, otaksa, appears to refer to Otaki-San, a woman from Nagasaki’s pleasure quarter, who was the  mistress of the German naturalist P.F. von Siebold, who went on to introduce ajisai to Europe .

Ajisai (紫陽花, or hydrangea)

Ajisai (紫陽花, or hydrangea)

Entrance or Exit gate , Its the Same 
R1 Rider
Time to move to next destination , towards lunch time. Its 12:00 around and we are going near ocean , whale restaurant.
YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

R1 and Flowers

Leader this time to take to our next destination

Into the valley with bikes

She is true motorbike rider 
Here we are here , and here is the menu , they have a complete whale in bones installed in front of the restaurant , its very big to see..
Whale Bones

Mine was Whale Hamburger  lunch for 800 Yen and her was Whale Karaega and Shahimi for 1200 Yen
It was nice and wonderful lunch
 Ride to next destination , Green Line road ..
YZF-R1 Rider

YZF-R1 Rider
Towards green lane in Chiba - I think its the best road I have ride , its best for bikers , around 10 Kms long or more with no cars and lots of turns. Can run bike on 200 Km/hr or more if one is capable of.
I wasn't capable of running at that speed , as it was just first time , but next time I will like to try...
One should definitely try this road.

This is not our bike , just one click on Buell ...
Reached to next destination , 三芳村鄙の里 Chiba.
Its nice place to relax ,  nice hamburger shop , best onsen for foots , foot relax walkpath looking towards green rice field.

Foot massage in onsen and having fun photos

Bit serious photo this time...

All kinds flowers

her Bike boots and bike , she loved this photo ...
She takes it out everytime she is off the bike as its very hot.
I guess so .....

YZF-R1 and Triumph 675

YZF-R1 Head , My head looks the same

Triumph 675
 Timesup and ride and take ferry from Chiba to Yokosuka  東京湾フェリー
Just 25 mins from this place to ferry place. 1900Yen for 1000cc bike , 20 min ride , expensive but interesting with cold breeze and seagulls all over the boat.

Time to leave chiba , See you next time

I want to do fishing too , my own fish , my own dinner 

Sunset over Japan

Hungry Seagulls

Seagull so near that no need much zoom to catch them..

Hungry Seagull

One more click together to show that we are riding ferry ...
doesnt look so we are riding ferry though

Yes we are in Ocean , going towards Yokosuka

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