Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mt Myojingatake Spring Hiking

A long and somewhat difficult hike that’s quite steep to begin with and can be rocky and slippery in wet conditions. There isn’t much traffic on this route, so it’s good if you want to get away from the tourists, however it doesn’t afford much of a view apart from Gora . There are also no facilities (food or restrooms) on this trail.

Distance: 12.6km
Duration:  5 to 6 hours
Difficulty: Medium to difficult

From Gora Station 強羅駅 cross over the railway line to the right and head down hill on the residential street. At the end of the street take a right and then a left and you will be on a steep winding road down to the river. When you reach the river turn left and follow the road over the Miyagino Bridge. Here you can take two routes. The road directly right on the other side of the bridge will take you to a trail that will lead you directly to the summit of Mt Myojyogatake Or if you continue along the road that crossed the bridge you will join a trail that leads you to a mid-point on the ridge between Mt Myojingatake  and Mt Myojyogatake.

We started 10:00 and finished around 16:30 , back to Ebina station taking romance car from Hakone and have eat all you can at pizza and pasta restaurant.


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