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Mt Kami (Hakone) Hiking

Hakone Yumoto Station

Hakone Tozan Line

Gora Station

This time Hiking plan was to Mt Kami. We meet at Hakone Yumoto Station and from there ride train going to Gora Station. 30 min ride into the mountain , all greenery around. We meet at 9:30 and were at Gora Station around 10:00. From there we took cable car (Hakone Tozan Cable car) to Sounzan , 10 mins ride (420 Yen). The funicular links Gōra, the upper terminus of the railway line, with Sōunzan 214 metres (702 ft) above. At Sōunzan, connection is made with the Hakone Ropeway, which runs to Tōgendai on Lake Ashi.
Cable Car to towards Sounzan

The line was opened in 1922, and was rebuilt in 1995 and new cars replaced the old cars at the same time.
Length: 1,200 metres (3,937 ft)
Height: 214 metres (702 ft)
Maximum Steepness: 20%
Cars: 2
Capacity: 250 passengers per car
Configuration: Single track with passing loop
Journey time: 10 minutes
Traction: Electricity

From Sounzan where we started our hike towards My Kami , around 120 min hike. Weather was hot and sunny down the road but as we reached top , it was all foggy , can't see anything. Weather up was totally different from down. 

Shigeru , Akiko , Junichi , Keiko , Akihiro , Vikram

Kami Yama Top

Mt. Kami is the east side of Mt. Fuji and in the Hakone. Mt. Kami has another name which is Mt. Hakone. Kami means god. I think May Mid is best time to go around , greenery , and flowery path is wonderful but danger of rain though weather is nice. After have lunch at top, we started walking back down at 14:00. 
Kanmurigatake Mountain

While going back at crossroad we moved towards Kanmurigatake Mountain , 5 mins while going down. Nothing special is here. After spending 5 mins here we took different way walking back towards Owakudani. 

Cross Road

Gas coming out of Mountain

大涌谷, Ōwakudani)

Mt Kami

大涌谷, Ōwakudani)

大涌谷, Ōwakudani)
Owakudani (大涌谷, Ōwakudani) is the area around a crater created during the last eruption of Mount Hakone some 3000 years ago. Much of the area is an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced. Additionally, Owakudani has good views of Mount Fuji on clear days.
A short walking trail (about ten minutes one way) leads from the ropeway station into the volcanic zone to a number of steam vents and bubbling pools. Here you can purchase eggs, cooked in the naturally hot water, whose shells are blackened by the sulfur and which are said to prolong one's life by seven years.
"Kurotamago" (Black Eggs) are the famous one. Kuro Tamago or Black Eggs are one of Hakone’s trademark items.  This unique snack can only be found while at the volcanic valley of Owakudani. A small hut along the side of the volcano cooks and distributes the eggs here. Boiled inside of the hot sulfur springs, the eggs emerge their namesake black in color. You’ll probably find a crowd gathered outside of the Kuro Tamago Shop at any point. Getting there will require some effort but since it is also the pinnacle of Owakudani (and thus Hakone), most visitors will want to take the climb up. The Kuro Tamago are sold in packs of 5 for 500 yen. Which is kind of pricey as far as eggs are concerned but perhaps not so outrageous as other souvenir or novelty snacks. It might be the reason why Kuro Tamago enjoys enduring popularity, even among the locals. Business is amazingly good, with hundreds of people coming and leaving the shop each hour. 

9:00 - Hakono Yumoto Station
9:21- Riding train going Gora Station
10:00- Gora Station
10:20- Cable Car to Sounzan
10:30- Sounzan Station
11:00-Hiking towards Mt Kami
13:00- Top of Mt Kami
14:00-Coming down
15:30-Owakudani to Sounzan Station by Ropeway (820 Yen)
Blessed by its wonderful natural environment, superb scenery and an abundance of natural hot springs, Hakone is one of the leading tourist attractions in Japan. The Hakone Ropeway service operates at approximately one-minute intervals, and the 30-minute journey from Sounzan Station to Togendai Station, which nestles on the shore of Lake Ashi, allows visitors to take in such spectacular views as the crystal-clear blue waters of Lake Ashi, the rising volcanic fumes of Owakudani and the grandeur of Mount Fuji on a fine, sunny day.

16:00-Sounzan Station to Gora by cable car (420 Yen)
Cable Car

16:30-Gora Station
17:00-Hakone Yumoto Station
17:30-18:30- Romance car from Hakone Yumoto to Ebina Station
19:00-21:00- Eat all you can " Yaki-Niku"

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