Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mt Pinatubo Trekking

Riding cheaperJetstar flight from Tokyo to Manil

Riding back of pickup

I am posting it late , this was done in December-2013 when weather is pretty much better than may..
Trekking Mt. Pinatubo is a MUST DO if you are a visitor to the Philippines. We planned this day trek thru an online company based locally in Manila. The cost for a day tour was P1,800 pp and included R/T coach service from Manila to the drop off site near the mountain Includes cost of 4X4 that will then take you up on a 30 minute mountain climb to the jump off point where the trek begins.. Though we chose our own car to go to Tarlac and meet at designated point there at 5AM.  All entry fees are included. There is no other way to trek the mountain without using some sort of service that participates in and organizes the trek as personal vehicles are not permitted in the secured zone of the mountain.

It is quite strenuous as you are walking and climbing up to 5 miles through water, rock and forest & the 4X4 ride was extrememly bumpy as we went through holes, grooves and uncontrolled terrain for 30 mintes each way. We found it to be an enjoyable challenge.

There was only one restroom located about 2 hours into the trek and you must have your own toilet paper becasue it is a basic non flushable facility.Take ALL of your food and beverage needs as well because there is no chance to purchase anything once you have arrived at the start point.

The on foot portion of the trek up to the top of the crater was approx. 2.5 hours. The skyway that is advertised is not in use as the rains have destroyed the foundation and it has collapsed so the trek can only be made on foot.  Oh yea, forgot to mention that the water in crater lake, in the part of the crater of which we trekked, was not hot. The hotspings may be at at a differnt part of the crater so you will have to specifically ask your tour company about this. We were also not at the part of the lake that offers kayaking so once again, check this info with your tour company prior to booking.

Returning back around 12:00...

Moving back home...
The overall experience was enjoyable. You may find that you are not able to book reservation or pay online. You will most likey have to call, email or text the listed # and make payment arrangents with the operator/vendor. In our case, we were instructed to make cash depost to the owners bank account with specific instruction including an account. After finishing tour we moved towards Pangsinan for further journey..

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