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Travelling Graz ( Austria )

Once Again Austrian Airways

Second time in Austria , First time was Transit to Germany via Vienna by Austrian airways , this time in Austria by Austrian Airways via Vienna. This is 5 day official trip to Graz , 2 days in plane and remaining 3 days at work. 

My flight left Tokyo , Narita Airport at 11:30 and I was in Vienna around 15:30 local time, around 8 hr flight. Transfer was easy and fast to Graz by Austrian Airways , took 25 mins only.
Graz Airport @ 18:00
Day 1 :

Arrived at Graz airport , nice sunny day at 18:00. Surprised to see my office guys to pick me up there , we ride our rental car towards Hotel Daniel. 2 of my Japanese colleagues and 1 American Colleague  they are staying in different hotel. It looks the center of city. We took then Tarm for 2 Euro 40 Cents for oneway ride towards my hotel Wiesler. 2 stop ride , and I found no ticket checker out there just like in Japan usually in countryside place.

Checked in Hotel , per night cost 106 Euro with 16 Euro Breakfast. Room was nice with 2 beds but there is no toothbrush and paste in the hotel. This is my 2nd time finding this in European hotel, I guess this is the way here.

Morning breakfast , guess what 16 Euro..
After check-in went back side of hotel for our meal , Austrian beer (PUNTIGAMER) and Austrian food. 500ml beer glass but this beer felt little bitter in taste compared to German beer. Food was delicious , can smell the aroma of cooked potatoes. Fried meat was delicious. We had few starter with Beer , cheese was best. One must try cheese once in Europe.
PUNTIGAMER Beer and Starters
Puntigamer is a traditional beer from Styrias provincial capital Graz, and famous in Austria for its football sponsorship. Puntigamer supports Austrias First League football club "Sturm Graz".

Puntigamer has everything you need for a good beer. I was surprised in a positive way. I have not expected such a divine beer. My first experience was a pleasant aroma of hops. I have also tasted a worty and wholehearted flavour. Simply a good beer.
A beer must taste like Puntigamer!

Awesome 10 Euro Dish : Wiener SchnitzelIn
Austria, the most commonly enjoyed meats include beef, chicken and pork. However, the most well known treat, the Wiener Schnitzel, is mostly made of veal. 
After finishing meal it was time to go local Casino , day 1 at Casino didn't thought about. 27.5 Euro entry fee and you get 30 Euro worth chips. Today coat was needed so had to rent coat from Casino for 2.5 Euro. First time in Casino playing blackjack , at starting everything was going above head but finally when started trying it , was fun. Went to maximum 50 Euro and then to nothing. My buddy made 60 Euro , I guess day 2, day 3 will be at casino too trying my luck and spend all my 100 Euro change.
Just don`t forget to bring your ID before going to casino.
Day 2 :

Jet-leg is showing it sign , I slept at 22:00 and awake at 2 AM , rolling around in the bed. Nice fried backons, eggs , bread , yogurt salad in morning meal , but 16 Euro too expensive.  We ride to work from Hotel Daniel ( next to train station ) in our car. We had nice beef pasta lunch with sparkling apple juice at " Gastof Thomahan " restaurant near our work which our host organised.

Tradition and a warm welcome are written large at Gasthof Thomahan.  And this ever since the 18th century. Its proximity to the city and attractive trip destinations have made the inn a popular starting point for people heading out on trips, on holiday or on business.

Beef and Pasta
Finished our work around 5pm , just like european style. Everybody have gone home around this time , its nice to see the big difference from Japan working style.

After finishing work , we ride tram to city centre and had dinner there " fillet chips with beef and pork " for 19.5 Euro and big Austrian beer. It was nice tasty dinner and later we had walk around the city , opera house , streets and it nice to see these places , reminds old Europe which we see in TV.

Graz Tram

Main square (Hauptplatz) of Graz : All you need from this (relatively) small town is in Hauptplatz! Pretty buildings, snacks, shopping, drugs,'s like 'all in one'. It is a wonderful time strolling through the heart of Graz.

One of the stops on our recent jolly jaunt to the beautiful country of Austria was the sublime city of Graz..I am total agreement that the best meal we had the pleasure of necking was served to us under the stars at the glorious courtyard in the Landhaus Keller eatery. The meal itself was simple but oh so well executed, with fresh and scrummy locally sourced Styrian ingredients. The waiter proudly presented each of our three courses and topped up our glasses with delicate Austrian beer.
As a man who regards himself as a true connoisseur of high class grub..well he was simple blown much so that he wept into his cloth napkin.


Fillet chips with beef and pork

City Center

Graz city Centre , best way to see is by walking around streets

Graz Opera House , unfortunately it was closed at this hour 19:00.
Brandishing a sword for the Opera House. Next to the imposing white edifice on Ringstrasse street skirting Graz city centre, the “Lichtschwert” sculpture stands for the protection of human rights. At the same time, it stands in agitating contrast with the neighbouring Opera House and is proof of the city’s cultural awareness. Formerly the city theatre, the Opera House itself is now a splendid stage for breathtaking productions in Graz ranging from musical theatre to ballet.
Later once again to our Casino and loosing 30 Euro of the day on blackjack.

Day 3 :

Starts at 5AM , morning breakfast and then at work. Afternoon was again to "Gastof Thomahan " restaurant and had fried chicken with mashed potatoes , delicious.

Chicken all the way

Night we had dinner with our host in city centre , 100 year old resturant in front of Kastner & Öhler department store. Today it was Lamb turn , and it turned out one of the best dish I have eaten with 1 dark beer and 1 puntagamer beer , 1 L in total.
Roof area with 360 panorama view one can watch from here..
In the Kastner & Öhler department store you find an exclusive stockist of almost everything in the centre of the city. Covering 40,000 m² Kastner & Öhler offers the greatest choice of fashion in all of Austria. An establishment full of elegance, class and a lot of fashion. 

Lamb with Slated Potatoes and beans.. Around 19 Euro dish
Later we had walk around city in streets , full of restaurants opened filled with people.

An imperial place of rest next to the Dom. Turquoise domes stand out against the blue sky above the Mausoleum and, together with the Dom and Katharinenkirche church, define one of the city’s magnificent views. You could almost have been whisked away to the lands to the south, given how this ensemble enchants any visitor with more than just a hint of Florentine flair. Here in Graz, Emperor Ferdinand II had his court artist Giovanni Pietro de Pomis lay out the impressive tomb. 
Day 4 :

Last day at work , so big food from morning to night , I am sure I gained 5Kg in just 3 days , I can feel it. 1L beer everyday , morning big breakfast , lunch getting bigger and dinner HUGE. Our Lunch was at same place "Wiener SchnitzelIn", delicious as expected on first look.

Wiener Schnitzelln
We finished our work early so while driving back home we had to visit to Arnold Schwarzenegger thal bei Graz ( The House of Arnold Schwarzenegger ). It is just 20 min from Graz into the mountains in countryside. Entry fee of 6.5 Euro and see the inside of Arnold`s childhood to manhood. He is the guy every guy to wish be with big muscles " The Terminator ".

“I'll be back”

The House of Arnold
Open from 10:00 to 17:00 , Entry Fee for Adult : 6.5 Euro 
It is practically a big mansion with each room having a different theme. It tackles the different aspects of Arnie's life. It depicts Arnie's bodybuilding, acting, political and personal life. There are life-sized models and we were allowed to take pictures. There is also a Harley which was used in the shooting of one of the Terminators. We really enjoyed ourselves here and I recommend it to all Arnie fans!

Laterns is a little town 626km from Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum (Google Maps). The address is Linakstraße 9, 8051 Thal bei Graz. From Graz you'll reach the Museum with public transport with Bus 40 to Gösting and than Bus 48 to Thalersee. On the Website of the Museum, you get very good instructions how to reach the place. We took the car...

Arnie Childhood House
Today is the last dinner in Graz , gonna miss the nightlife , food , drinks , I wish to comeback again but don`t see any chances unless have own private trip. Wonderful city , delicious food , great beer and awesome nightlife...

Boiled Pork and Beef with Austrian Bread

Last Austrian Beer


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