Sunday, 12 October 2014

1 Day around Mt. Nokogiri

This weekend plan was to Mt Nokogiri in Chiba prefecture , riding ferry to crossover , eat sushi , hike around and have dinner in Mexican restaurant in Yokohama. Started from Keikyu Kurihama station , riding 7 No. bus at 8:20 from station to towards " Tokyo bay ferry ".  Took Ferry ticket (1320 Yen for 2 way ), had 40min ride crossing Uraga channel between Yokosuka and Chiba. Its just the time 2 day before when super typhoon is coming to Tokyo , cold breeze blowing with little sun on head.

Itinerary :
7:09 - Keikyu Kawasaki Ride Keikyu Line
8:00 - Keikyu Kurihama Station
8:20 - Ride Tokyo Bay ferry Port ( 7 No Bus )
9:25 - Ferry leaves for Kanaya
10:15- Arrive Kanaya
11:00- Eat Sushi at Funaso 
12:30- Ride Ropeway to Top of Mt Nokogiri
15:00 - Back to Kanaya , shopping for presents in Fish Market
15:25 - Ride ferry from Kanaya port to Kurihama
16:30 - Back to Kurihama Port 
17:30 - At Mexican restaurant
20:00- End of Day and ride for home 

At Kurihama Port
Tokyowan Ferry Tokyo-Bay Crossing An approximately 40 minutes’ comfortable cruise This car ferry connects the southern tip of Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture with Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Fishing vessels and lots of seagulls

Had Sushi near kanaya port side. There is one famous Sushi restaurant " Funaosa " , long lines on weekend. We were first in the line which starts from 11:00. Better to come early and stay in line to taste here.
地魚回転寿司 船主総本店

Kanaya Bayside
After finishing sushi and drinking had 15 min walk towards ropeway to ride top of Mt Nokogiri. As the mountain has an elevation of 329.5 meters, we elect to take the ropeway halfway up. This was a good call, as the path immediately takes a steep and, at times, muddy rise. A free map is available at the ropeway station, and following it leads to a trail along the ragged-tooth profile of the mountain. The trail is constructed mostly of concrete steps. With little consistency in size or shape, these steps make the going hard, but the rewards are great. After the first 15 minutes of climbing, a narrow canyon opens up, its sides flanked by centuries-old statues of Buddha carved into the rocks or set on plinths of mossy, giant pavers. Vine tendrils and ancient palms give it the feeling of a lost world. It’s cool, calm and inviting.

Nokogiri Yama is like natural museum famous for the unique shaped rocks or beautiful places. The oblique distance is 680 meters (say 2200 feet) between the stations at the foot and top of the mountain, and the car is served every five minutes. In the building at the top of mountain, there are an observation restaurant, free resting room, telescopes, souvenirs corner, game for children ets. Also, the historical materials on the stone cutting in this mountain is exhibited there. On the other hand, there is a Japanese temple called Nihonji at the opposite side of the mountain. In the garden of this temple, you can see the greatest images of Buddha made of stone, which is the biggest in the Orient, one thousand and five hundred images of Buddha(1500 Rakan), etc.

Mt Nokogiri 



Nokogiriyama – the “saw-tooth mountain – in Chiba, is one of the best day-trips from Tokyo but for some reason its great hiking and wonderful views are lesser known than those of its counterparts to the west of town… It’s just a short trip over the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line or a train ride away – so what’s stopping you?

The name of Nihonji Daibutsu is Yakushirurikonyorai, and represent the entire the space is the pure land, and it leads the world to the peace and safe. Daibutsu is located in Nihonji Temple which is the oldest Buddhism temple in Kanto built in 725. The name “Nihon” is the also the name of Japan and it has been given by the Emperor Syoumu.

At 31m he’s the largest stone-carved Buddha figure in Japan, with a deeply serene expression and posture that acts in harmony with the natural surroundings to create a restful atmosphere, making this the best place on the mountain to pause for a break, some reflection and perhaps a picnic lunch.

Its fair to say that the view from the top is spectacular, along with showing good views of Fuji-san as well.

End of 1 day tour and ride back ferry to Kurihama port , then take keikyu line towards Yokohama station. Night was eating and drinking time at Mexican restaurant "eltorito" in Sky Building at 28F.
End of beautiful day with nice cocktails and food...

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