Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bonuan Blue Beach : Philippines

Explore :
  • Bonuan Blue Beach “Hello Sunrise”
Three km from Dagupan City is Bonuan Blue Beach, along the Lingayen Gulf. The weather is good but scourging hot since it was 10:30 AM when we arrived at the Bonuan Blue Beach also known as "Tondaligan Beach" Whether you have something to splurge or on a tight budget, this is a place where you can spend your weekend. You can stay in cottages along the beach of in hotels near the beach. You can eat on some turo-turo along the beach or on restaurants nearby. I haven't been in this place for quite a while now... Though I can say that this is very good place to view the sunrise and sunset. Actually this place used to be famous. According to history this is where Gen Douglas Mcarthur made his first landing in the Philippines.The Statue of Gen D.Mcarthur can be found here but sad to say it is almost ruin. I tell you- no matter where you go in the Philippines there's always great people to treat you nice, this beach particularly is not my forte because I like white sand beach., but this water is calm and when we got there it wasn't overly crowded. Rentals and food is cheap, I think anywhere you go.

Eat and Drink :
  • Silverio's dagupan “Great seafood and live bands.”
Expect a typical Filipino restaurant with typical Filipino dishes. As heading says, this is our regular place. what brings a customer back? good food, good ambiance and good service. At this place we get it all. Band is usually good, but of course when they bring on new staff, there are sometimes abit lacking on the band skills, we like the live music with our get togethers. This place is a bit too hot in day time. You will be sweating though food is amazing and try to seat outside at night during the LIVE band. Whenever you're in Dagupan and wants to experience great seafood with live bands, SILVERIO'S seafood restaurant is definitely the right place! The location is accessible. Seafood like I said is always great and the value is just right. Good for special occasions too! They also have function rooms and great river view!

Stay :
  • Fortunately had accommodation at house so no hotel stay but there are lots of hotels with price from 500 peso to 2000 peso per night near Tondaligan Beach.
Get there:
  • From Manila - Take any Pangasinan provincial buses like (Five Star, Victory, Dagupan Bus or Solid North) bound to Dagupan City. Bus leaves every hour. We ride by own car from Manila (Las pinas) and took around 4.5 hrs travelling through NLEX > SCTEX to Manaoag.
  • From Dagupan terminal - ride a jeepney with signage "Bonuan Tondaligan" and ask the driver to drop you off at beach.
  • From Manaoag - Take any jeepney or van bound for Dagupan City.
  • From Dagupan - Ride a jeepney with signage "Bonuan Tondaligan" and ask the driver to drop you off at beach.

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